Our Mission

Teach your children powerful principles of happiness and emotional health—one adventure at a time.

We want all children to have the tools and opportunities they need to live happy, healthy, emotionally connected lives. Studies show that emotional intelligence (EQ) is a key component to living a happy, successful life. And—unlike IQ—EQ can be learned.

Each book in the EQ Explorers series is designed to educate and inspire children through beautifully illustrated, creative-yet-relatable tales. With each story, the author shares a simple and powerful principle of happiness and emotional wellness—one adventure at a time.

One hundred percent of our profits (yes, all our profits) go to help underserved children through the non-profit Kapalua Cove Foundation. The foundation provides direct donations to charitable initiatives and donates books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more.


Kim Linette spent more than two decades learning and practicing the principles in each EQ Explorers book. And something very special happened: her happiness increased with each lesson she learned.  Perhaps even more importantly, her children’s happiness increased with each principle they incorporated into their lives.

Kim Linette was inspired to create EQ Explorers in order to help other parents fast track the lessons that took her over 20 years to uncover and internalize, and to share this emotional understanding with their kids in a fun, connected way—cuddling up together with a book.

And because happiness is something that every child should experience—despite their socio-economic means—she decided to donate 100% of profits from books sales to helping underserved kids and their communities.

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