Robo Monkey’s Feeling Funky


Why is Robo Monkey feeling funky? Because he’s buried his feelings! Robo Monkey’s Feeling Funky teaches children and parents the powerful EQ principle: Make Friends with Your Feelings.



Robo Monkey marches around and pretends to be a robot, all to avoid facing his emotions. With the help of some monkey friends and a pile of tropical fruit, Kit shows Robo how to name, understand, and tame his emotions.

Robo and Kit discover the importance of expressing fear, sadness, and anger alongside all the other emotions, and that making friends with your feelings is an important key to living a big, happy life!

  • Ages 4-12
  • Hardcover
  • Award winning book series
  • 100% of profits are donated to help underserved kids around the world
  • Your purchase helps support a women owned business

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