Wally Whale’s Mighty Tail


The secret to happiness? It’s written on a whale’s tail!

At least that’s what Koa hears, and so he sets out in search of Wally Whale and the valuable knowledge that he hopes Wally will share.

Determined to discover Wally’s secret to happiness, Koa follows the whale through waves and reefs, never knowing the truth was inside him all the time!

Wally, the whale, helps Koa – the little warrior – learn the real secret to happiness! There is just a little magic to being mighty, and to living a big, happy life! And you already have it inside!

Wally Whale’s Mighty Tail, one of the first books in the EQ Explorers series, teaches the powerful EQ principle: Happiness is a Choice. It’s a lesson of emotional intelligence that is essential for any child—including Koa, who learns as he journeys through the Pacific with Wally Whale.

Get to know the entire EQ Explorer’s Seriesincluding how we donate 100% of profits to help underserved kids around the world.

Ages 4-12                         Hardcover


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